Welcome to  Compassionate Therapy for Autism, LLC.  We provide evidence-based treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and coaching to parents and teachers. Additionally we provide supervision for registered behavior technicians (RBT), behavior analysis interventionists (BI), and students pursuing certification in behavior analysis (BCaBA and BCBA candidates).

Our approach is rooted in the principles and procedures of applied behavior analysis (ABA). In working with children we combine structured, therapist-led methods with less structured, natural flow, child-led  intervention strategies. We deliver these methods with compassion, flexibility, and wonder, to teach communication, social, and self-help skills.

In coaching parents we use behavior skills training (BST) combined with a humanistic approach to help parents become effective teachers and responsive interaction partners for their children.

The director of Compassionate Therapy for Autism, Dr. Nedelcu, has 18 years of experience working in the field of behavior analysis,  and 14 of these years were spent in New York City. In New York Dr. Nedelcu worked with students, parents, and teachers from very diverse backgrounds, and in particular with families of Hispanic origin. The experience in the city, together with her personal background of growing up outside of the US,  provided her with cultural sensitivity and respect for every person’s specific cultural heritage, and their unique interpretation of treatment.

About Me

I am  a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the doctoral level (BC8A-D), and I practice as a licensed behavior analyst (LBA) in Oregon. I have  18 years of experience in  working directly with children with autism as an ABA therapist building  essential language, communication, play,  social, and academic skills. In addition to the experience of working with children I also have  14 years of experience working with parents and teachers,  conducting supervision, and parent coaching programs.

In spite of having worked with  children  and their loved ones for many years, I continue to feel amazed by each child’s candor, humor, and their unique constellation of strengths and weaknesses. I also continue to be amazed by the strength of each family I’ve coached and their willingness to do the hard work required to expand their children’s experiences and skills.

I  have also been an instructor of psychology and behavior analysis  for the past 10 years. I taught courses at Queens College, in NY and I currently teach online at Ball State University.



1:1 Therapy :In person

We teach children ages 2-14 a wide array of skills, from communication, academic, and social skills to activities of daily living. The goals for teaching and the way therapy is conducted are determined after an initial assessment of skills, interview with the parents, and identification of each child’s learning style.

We are currently putting together a team of experienced, enthusiastic and passionate teachers to offer tutoring to children who will attend classes online in the next year due to PPS going online for the Fall of 2020. The teachers working at Compassionate Therapy for Autism are experienced in teaching students of different ages and abilities.

Consultation: In Person or via Telehealth

Consultation is provided to specific children who might not need a comprehensive treatment but require focused ABA intervention to address behavior problems. The consultation model involves working directly with the child’s parents, his or her teachers, and other caregivers who are part of the child’s every day life.

Supervision: In person or via Telehealth

I provide supervision to BCBA candidates, RBT’s and BCaBa professionals who are looking for a practicum placement to earn the experience required to become board certified behavior analysts. The supervision model I use is based on the methods of Behavior Skills Training and involve both direct (working directly with the supervisee and their clients) and indirect supervision (meeting to discuss principles, and procedures, client’s progress, team coordination etc)

Parent Coaching: In Person or via Telehealth

Research shows that regardless of the hours of direct therapy a child receives, many of the gains made in therapy are not maintained and generalized if the child’s family does not apply certain fundamental behavior analytic procedures and principles. Parent coaching is provided through observations, modeling by the therapist or consultant, rehearsal by the parent, and feedback. A child on the spectrum benefits the most when everyone in their environment can use many every day activities as teachable moments and learns how to do this with patience and compassion, meeting the child exactly where they are.

Workshops and Continuing Education Events

I am passionate about helping children with autism and their families access the best treatment model, and learn what to expect in the process. I am also passionate about the procedures and principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and I like to explain what ABA is in plain language for community events, schools, and other places where a community gathers. This year I did a presentation at Sellwood Community House on Effective Communication and Learning Strategies Based in ABA. I have also been accredited by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board to present continuing education events on advanced topics in behavior analysis. Most recently I presented a continuing education event on supervision at the annual conference in behavior analysis (October, 2019) held by Oregon Society for Behavior Analysis.


I met Dr. Nedelcu in NYC when I was looking for a supervisor to help me complete my fieldwork experience and hone my skills as a future BCBA. Dr. Nedelcu was instrumental in helping me develop my skills as a behavior analyst. She has a wealth of knowledge about the field. As my supervisor for over two years, I found that she was able to offer perspective, constructive feedback, and thoughtful guidance.

Laura Hirst, MA, BCBA. Westbury, NY

Dr. Nedelcu and I worked together in New York City while I was completing my doctoral studies. Dr Nedelcu is a passionate, skillful, and caring therapist and supervisor. She helped me build a foundation as a behavior analyst working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her knowledge and experience are a treasure to both the ones she serves and to the field of ABA.

Sho Araiba, Ph.D, BCBA-D. Honolulu, HI

Dr. Nedelcu was my son’s BCBA and oversaw a team of ABA therapists in Brooklyn, NY before moving to Portland. In addition to working directly with him and the team she also provided invaluable parent training to me and my wife. Dr. Nedelcu carefully designed programs specifically to fit my son’s needs, which she constantly updated to keep pushing him towards maximum improvement and independence. Dr. Nedelcu also attended several school tours with my wife and I to ensure that we found the environment best suited for his needs and she communicated frequently with his school and service providers. Dr. Nedelcu has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with ASD children and is both thorough and compassionate. I highly recommend her.

Peter Herold, parent to a child with ASD, Brooklyn, NY

We met Roxana in New York City. She came into our lives as we were beginning to deal with our son’s diagnosis. He was 3 years old at the time. It was clear from the first day we met her that we had found an invaluable resource for him, as well as for us as a family. Roxana provided parent training, became a liaison with his teachers, and helped us identify and advocate for what he needed to reach his full potential. She was wonderful with our son: consistent, while at the same time flexible and nurturing. He is now 6 years old and has grown and developed beyond our expectations thanks to her in all areas: cognitive, emotional, physical, and relational. I think she is an outstanding professional . As a family we will be forever grateful for her work with us.

-Parent of a child with ASD, Manhattan, NY