About Me

I am  a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the doctoral level (BC8A-D), and I practice as a licensed behavior analyst (LBA) in Oregon. I have  18 years of experience in  working directly with children with autism as an ABA therapist building  essential language, communication, play,  social, and academic skills. In addition to the experience of working with children I also have  14 years of experience working with parents and teachers,  conducting supervision, and parent coaching programs.

In spite of having worked with  children  and their loved ones for many years, I continue to feel amazed by each child’s candor, humor, and their unique constellation of strengths and weaknesses. I also continue to be amazed by the strength of each family I’ve coached and their willingness to do the hard work required to expand their children’s experiences and skills.

I  have also been an instructor of psychology and behavior analysis  for the past 10 years. I taught courses at Queens College, in NY and I currently teach online at Ball State University.